Tyler really wants to get into porn, that is why he decided to do this video. He has been in music forever and wanted to make a change. I think he is a natural in front of the camera, very relaxed and extremely comfortable. I think it comes from being in several music videos. Tyler has a great lean body and a beautiful dick that he strokes to one hot, spurting cumshot!


Just like his name implies, Angel is exactly that. Hard tight abs, beautiful ass, and a big thick uncut dick. I swear when I first met him on a college campus I never thought he would do a video! I was wrong. Angel confided to me he had always wanted to do this. It has always been a fantasy tucked in the back of his mind. He did a really great job even though I almost missed the cumshot because he gave such little warning! But I did get it so sit back and enjoy!


Calistro is one sexy dude! He has a great body and a HUGE uncut dick! I met Calistro a few months ago and we hang at times. Getting him to do the video was easier than I thought and he really seemed to enjoy filming it. Calistro doesn't say much but with that body and dick who cares?


'This guy has one big dick!' I thought the day of the shoot. Quite frankly I couldnt stop looking at it. Deon knew I was all eyes and just kept touching it, playing with it over and over again. Deon would grab the head and squeeze it hard then start slowly stroking it. He had an amazing technique of stroking and squeezing. Every so often he would look at the camera and give one of those sly grins that seemed to say 'Yeh, you know you want it.' And you know what? I did! Check out Deon's photos and his hot solo video!


Bill is one of my favorite models. You can probably tell that by how many times I have photographed him. He is lean and hot with a beautiful washboard stomach. He is geneuinely nice and gets hard really fast. I know it's because he loves doing video so much. Bill loves to share his big dick and bubble butt with you guys. I know He will be back again real soon!


One of my favorite models hands down. We took an old garage, an SUV that needed a tune up and one hell of a hot straight boy, put them all together and got one great video! Allen is sexy and built. He does a great job in front of the camera. I especially like it when he sucks on the beer bottle and pours it down his body soaking his underwear. It's one moment that will get your motor running!


Chris Bolt has been in the biz for just a short while. When I met him I was sure he would be difficult being a porn star and all. Quite the contrary, he was charming and very sweet and so easy to work with. This was one of my first videos and I think it is way hot. The location works with his sexy, smart, sophisticated looks. Here Chris touches himself and strokes himself to one hot fucking climax!


Brian is an ex marine who answered my ad. He is extremely sexual and has a huge appetite for sex. While we were shooting his video he kept talking about how many women he had slept with and his preferences. Let's just say he can really get kinky but most importantly he loves to have sex outdoors. Thats when I decided he might be more comfortable outside shooting. We borrowed a friends SUV, found a hidden spot and got started! I think it was a huge turn for him. Check it out for yourself


Frankie is drop dead hot. He has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen and it's all natural. When I asked him what he did to keep in such great shape he said that he just runs and does chin ups..that's it. Frankie is one of those oohhhh so sweet straight boys that love to be video taped! He has a great east coast accent that unfortunately you cannot hear. But just imagine it while he is stroking himself off.


Kai has to be one of my all time favorite models. He is always comfortable in front of the camera and is really great at working his own dick. The guy has an ass that just won't quit! It's begging to be fucked!


Danny Rhymes has one amazing dick and a beautiful body to boot. This video has everything that great video needs, big dick, ass play, cum shot and phone sex! Danny really gets into talking dirty and getting off over the phone with another good friend of mine!


'Talk about a huge cum shot!' That was the first thing my friend Danny said when he viewed this tape! And he is right! Rio jerks his fat dick and fingers his ass until he erupts in a huge shower of cum!


Orlando used to play college football before making the big move out to LA. He has worked in music videos here in Cali and in Miami and has always been popular because of that drop dead bod! Orlando has one of the fattest dicks I have ever laid my eyes (or hands) on!


Chip is a twink with a huge dick! When I first met him I wasn't sure if he would do the shoot or not but he turned up on time and ready to go I have to say I am quite taken with Chip. We did the video right after he had rode his bike over. He was all hot and sweaty and obviously turned on by the idea of his first video. Check out the huge bulge in his pants and the awesome cum shot!


Tracy is one hell of a hot rugby player. I met him thru a twist of fate and I still think he is one of the hottest 'real' guys I have captured on video. Tracy works his big uncut dick into a frenzy before he pulls off one hell of a hot pop shot.


I was the first to photograph and video tape Ben when he first arrived in LA. Since then he as gone on to do quite a few videos and magazine layouts. He is your picture perfect Latin male fantasy. Ben was never nervous and he did a really great job. Ben has a beautiful body and nice curved uncut cock. He also loves to play with his ass while he jacks off which is a big turn on!


Toby is one of the cutest boys I have ever photographed. He has a great lean body and a beautiful face. In this video Tobey plays with his dick and his round ass. Tobey had confided in me that he loves to be watched while he gets off. This video is Tobey's first time shooting with me and I am sure there will be many others!

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