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Sky & Adam
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Sky and Adam

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Sky and Adam

Starring: Sky, Adam

Who would have thought it? Sky sucking cock? When I first met sky he was really only interested in the solo work…..Aren't they all. But when I told him there was 'other work' available he began to warm up to the idea. Sky is a good kid and all but his job waiting tables at an exclusive LA eatery just doesn't pay the bills! I paired Sky up with Adam who I adore and was anxious to do some more work. Adam thought Sky was really hot and couldn't wait for the suckfest to begin! Here you have two really hot guys paired together for the first time and I basically just let them have fun! Enjoy!


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Adam & Reese

Adam and Reese are hot as hell and I thought it was high time to paid them up and see the action explode. Reese loves to fuck a tight hole and Adam is more then willing to give it up to Reese. I was amazed at how well they got along, laughing and kidding but when they got into it, it was pure passion! Freaking hot and amazing!

Adam & Brad

It is the whole box of chocolates thing, You never know what you are going to get. Adam and Brad are brilliant together. The best part about this video is the fact that none of it is forced. These guys were way into each other and it shows. I love both of them and I am glad the after noon was a huge success! Make sure you see the cum shots! Nice!

Adam & Jay & Kody

God, Wouldn't you just love to be in the middle of these three? Built Kody, Lean and mean Jay, and blonde hottie Adam. These guys were totally horned up and ready to go at it even before the video cameras were turned on. This is a great three way in the classic sense. Both Kody and Jay take turns fucking Adam's tight ass and there is plenty of sucking and deep kissing to go around. Finally each guy milks out one huge cum load! Enjoy!

Sky and Erik

Like I said before this was sky's first time to fuck a guy. And like most guys on this site its not that hard to get them to convince. And no it's not always about money. Sky is a pretty cool kid and is as cocky and full of themselves as they come. But I think like most guys they wonder what its like to fuck a dude. Now most if confronted with this idea will act like it grosses them out. But, once you get them one on one they ask allot of questions.... Erik is always a horn dog and always ready for another assignment. He picked Sky out as the next guy he wanted to be paired with and I just did my best to get them together. This video is pretty straight forward. Not allot of talking just sucking and fucking!


What a find Sky was! This guy is a streak of walking sex appeal. When I first talked to Sky about doing a video he was pretty nervous about his acting career, (they all are here in LA) but after a while he seemed to warm up to the idea. Sky is extremely sexual and has no problem talking about his openness and his curiosities. After working on this site for so long it never ceases to amaze me how we are all so curious. Sexual curiosity is something that makes us so human but something we learn we must suppress at all costs. Sky doesn't really care much about whats the norm. In his first video for Randy Blue he does a really hot job of working his lean body and nice cock up into a really big finish!


Adam is a real southern charmer who has hit Los Angeles like a hurricane. He has been on so many magazine covers and runways people have really taken notice. You might ask yourself why a guy like Adam would want to do porn? You could probably ask yourself that same question. I find everyone needs to express themselves sexually, some more than others. Adam has a beautiful body that I know the guys go ape shit over, a great treasure trail, perfectly proportioned hairy legs and a nice cock! Adam did a great job in his first video for Randy Blue and I know he will be back very soon!

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