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Micky & Adrian
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Micky Adrian 1

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Micky Adrian 1

Starring: Micky, Adrian

Adrian got his wish...to have sex with a totally hot straight boy. I love requests and this one was just too good to pass up! Micky and Adrian got together for Micky's first cocksucking lesson! And if you are like me then nothing beats a straight guys first time tasting cock! Micky gobbled it down! Enjoy!


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Kody and Micky

If you told me you weren't interested in seeing this video I would have to call you a liar. Watching Kody and Micky devour each others cocks and help each other shoot a big load is about as hot as it gets! Micky has been gone for a while but now he is back and ready for some action and wow, take a look at that new bod if his! Kody is always horny and always ready for sex. Together they were pretty much unstoppable. The sex was really intense and there was some major cock sucking going on! The moment they met out side of the location you could tell they were both going to be into it but as Micky says 'You always have the hottest guys Randy!' And you know something…..I think he just might be right! Enjoy this latest addition!

Circle Jerk

Well I told you I was going to push Peter's limits a bit and I believe I am on my way. Peter is as about as straight as they come but since he started working with me I got him play with a toy and now I have him joining in on one hot circle Jerk! I had asked Adrian (the straight boy lover) and Dane who I was really wanting to see again to help me break him in! It was one hell of a fun, hot, shoot and if you notice Peter is pretty damn fucking hard thru out the whole thing!

Adrian 2

Adrian is always full of surprises and this time was no exception. I told Adrian to come ready for anything and hinted it might be a toy shoot but I had no idea he would get into it as much as he did. Cut to him ripping his underwear. Cut to him jacking his beautiful cock! Cut to him shoving the dildo up his ass then riding it! And finally cut to him delivering one hot sticky cum-shot! The is one great video!

Logan Micky 1

The secret crush you had on your best friend….remember that? Remember the long hot summer evenings when you secretly watch the sweat forming on his muscular body. How long have you just been aching to reach out and touch it, lick it, take it? That was the premise for this latest video from Randy Blue! 'The Sleepover' features two of my hottest models Micky and Logan in the reenactment of your deepest desires coming to fulfillment! And if that is not enough for ya Logan receives his first gay blow job ever!


Adrian is a good friend of one of my last feature models Moto. A high school football player he has stayed in excellent shape! Adrian is gay and had confessed a huge crush for straight boys. Don't we all? The best thing about Adrian is he can back it all up. What a fucking hot body! Take a look at that beautiful cock and muscled torso and think about all the straight boys he has teased with it!

Micky 1

You are going to LOVE this guy! I mean what's not to like? Great body, beautiful face and a thick dick! Micky is a hot straight guy who has no experience in the boy/boy sex realm. Lets see if we change that. I do not think there would be any shortage of hot guys who would jump at the chance to be the first one to bed down with this hot Randy Blue feature model. Any takers?

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