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Lance Luciano
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Lance Luciano Hung and Uncut

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Lance Luciano Hung and Uncut

Starring: Lance Luciano

Lance Luicano is no stranger to the gay porn scene. He has done a few videos before. So I knew this shoot would be a breeze. When he walked through the door, he had this great energy about him. He was friendly and had those dark smoldering eyes that could make you do anything. And once he took off his shirt. Woah. His body is like pure soft and luscious caramel. Without a singe ounce of body fat, this boy is all abs, pecs and biceps. I asked him if he needed any porn to get hard, and he gave me a cocky laugh. Like a telekinetic, he just looked down at his crotch and his bulge started to grow. When he pulled out his gigantic dick, he smiled into the camera. This boy loves putting on a show. He started to jerk off his cock and touch all of his hard muscles. He decided to get more comfortable and retreated to the couch where he laid back and began to play with himself some more. He lifted his legs up and showed off his beautiful ass hole. He flipped over on his knees and shoved his butt into the camera for the world to see. He began to slip a finger in as he moaned out in pleasure. After proving his bottom potential, he decided to show off his top skills as well. He grabbed a flesh jack and slipped his hard shaft inside of it. He pounded away as if it was your hot open ass. And finally after edging for a bit, he pulled out of the flesh jack and started to work himself up to a climax. He let his cum fly all over the floor and the camera man below him. Welcome to Randy Blue, Lance. I look forward to seeing you in action.


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Diego Sans drops three cum loads onto Porn Star Lance Luciano

Diego and Lance were so into each other that they wanted to skip the pleasantries of a formal introduction to the video. They informed me of this by giving me the finger. I would be mad, but the amazingly hot sex that followed was too hot for me to hold a grudge. They sucked and rimmed and fucked until, whoops, Diego pulled out and came all over Lance after only a few minutes of fucking. Usually this is a disaster on set. But Diego was still hard and was ready to keep on going. He fucked Lance again until Lance shot cum all over himself. Then Diego pulled out and came for a second time. Then they went off to the showers where Diego came a third time. Diego had a triple load and things were never the same. Talk about hot as fuck. You might just have a triple load watching this. And be sure to check out all the free porn pics of this in Randy Blue photo session.

Justin Owen gets his ass plowed by Lance Luciano

I love this kid. That was the one phrase that Lance kept uttering over and over again between takes on his scene with Justin Owen. Justin kept waxing poetic over how beautiful Lance was and how he wanted to have his body. Lance did not know how to deal with all of this praise, so he decided to take it all out on Justin sexually. Justin was happy to comply. The two started to blow each other, going back and forth, almost competing to see who could suck better. Then the rimming started and Justin tongued Lance and got his hole all hot and bothered. Then Justin crawled up on Lance and sat right on his face. Justin should register his ass with the FDA, because his hole is like a drug. And once Lance got a taste, he became a fucking junkie. He told Justin he wanted to fuck him right then and there. He bent Justin and his smooth body over the coffee table and slid his dick in. Justin told me later, that it felt so good he almost came right away. Next Lance grabbed Justin by the legs and fucked him hard while Justin balanced on the edge of the couch with his arms. Lance fucked him so hard, he fell over onto the couch. Lance was not done with him. He made Justin sit on his cock until he shot a hot load all over the place. Then Lance pulled out and shot his own load. Justin made sure his mouth was right down there to lap it all up as his cum shot out of his cock. Covered in cum the two kissed passionately, ending one of the hottest scenes this year at Randy Blue. This is the way gay porn was meant to be.

Lance Luciano wakes Jay Landford up with a good fuck

It is the morning after a one night stand. Lance Luciano and Jay Landford are sleeping peacefully. But then Lance wakes up to the sight of two amazing ass cheeks. He goes down on Jay, waking him up with a rim job. Jay starts to moan very loudly. He is awake and ready to fuck. Lance lays down and lets Jay feed him his massive black cock. Then Jay lowers down and starts to suck on Lance. They sixty nine for a while, until Lance gets up and face fucks Jay. Jay takes Lance and throws him down on the bed and lifts his legs up in the air. He starts to rim his hole and get it ready for another pounding. He slips on the condom and slides his hard dark shaft deep into Lance. His ass hole quivers and Jay pushes in deeper. Lance yells out in pain and pleasure, and all of this gets Jay even harder. Lance then sits on that big dick and lets Jay pump up into him. Finally, Jay takes Lance doggy style and fucks the hell out of him until Lance cums. Then Jay gets to his knees and lets Lance cum all over his chest. Jay slurps up the remaining drops of cum from Lance, and then the two kiss passionately. Morning sex is always the best.

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