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Duke Campbell & Kyle Moore
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Kyle Moore begs for more as Duke Campbell breeds him

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Kyle Moore begs for more as Duke Campbell breeds him

Starring: Duke Campbell, Kyle Moore

Kyle Moore found us on Instagram and told us he wanted to be a Randy Blue model. He did it on a whim and didn’t think we would ever get in contact with him. But with his ripped twink body and gorgeous face, we called him back right away. I started to interview him before the scene and he was nervous as fuck. He told me that he got into porn just to prove to himself that he had what it takes. He hadn’t met his scene partner yet, and finally brought Duke out. Duke is such a fucking tease. He knows that his muscled body is perfect and loves to show it off. He walks out like a peacock and introduces himself to Kyle. He then gets totally naked and jumps in the pool. Kyle is dumbstruck. He looks at me in awe and says, “He’s going to fuck me?” I told him, “That’s right. Go ahead and join him in the pool”. Kyle eagerly stripped down and walked in after Duke. He started feeling up his muscles like a kid in a candy store. He asked Duke, “Do you mind that I’m touching you?” and Duke replied, “You can do whatever you want to me”. That was all it took from this moment on these guys were inseparable. They kissed and made out and acted like fucking boyfriends. I finally brought the action in the bedroom and basically sat back and watched the love making unfold. It was sweet and passionate as they took turns sucking each other off. And finally they started to fuck. Duke usually is a bottom, but hell he took to topping like a champ. These two barebacked until finally Kyle was begging to get the cum fucked out of him. Duke plunged his raw dick inside of Kyle when they both finally got overwhelmed by how hot they were for each other. Kyle burst first shooting ribbons of cum all over himself. Duke followed next filling Kyle up with his hot cream. This is one hot debut for Kyle. Welcome to Randy Blue.


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Ezra Finn and Duke Campbell Bareback

Ezra sits in the chair. Ezra has a very calm and quiet stoic personality. But when he wants to be demanding, he knows how to pull it off. He gives Duke a glance. Duke immediately gets down on his knees and crawls towards him. They begin to kiss and clothes come off. Duke then shows off his excellent dick sucking skills. Then Ezra returns with his own blow job. Then he picks Duke up off the floor and carries him to the bed. He flops him down and shoves his cock deep inside of him. He fucks him missionary and then doggie and then Duke rides his cock until he sprays cum all over his chest. Then Duke turns over and lets Ezra shove his cum deep inside his hole. Be sure to watch the free gay porn trailer of the hot bareback action in full HD here at Randy Blue.

Bareback Video

Duke Campbell gets a bare back load in his ass from Atticus Fox

Duke Campbell wanted to have gay sex. He had some blow jobs before, and this straight boy decided that if he is going to do the best bareback gay porn, he might as well go all the way and start as a bottom. His scene partner Atticus could not be more delighted. He loves muscles, and the thought of dominating this man was more than he could handle. They started to kiss and Duke went straight down on Atticus and started to suck his cock. Atticus gave me a thumbs up. He could not believe how good he was at dick sucking. Then Atticus blew him and started to rim his bubble butt. He got his ass nice and wet. Duke had never been rimmed before and the sensation was new and electric. His hole was quivering, and Atticus without any lube just shoved his raw dick inside, and Duke moaned out in pleasure. Atticus loved fucking him so much. Duke got raging rock hard while bouncing on Atticus. Duke looked into Atticus and told him to cum inside of him. The hotness of some straight boy who had never been fucked before begging for your load was too much for Atticus. He nutted so much cum inside of him. And then he bent down and sucked on Duke until he came inside his mouth. This is one of the hottest first timers I have ever seen. Keep an eye on this guy, folks.

Straight Boy Duke Campbell gets a surprise Blow Job in his Solo

Duke Campbell is just a nice southern boy. With huge ass muscles, perfect pecs, bulging biceps and thighs that could crack a walnut. He loves showing off, and once he got naked, he loved to stroke his hot cock. He then flipped over and played with his hole, showing that even though he is straight, he is not afraid to bottom. He flipped over and wished that someone could suck it. Well he is going to be getting fucked by Atticus Fox bareback the next day, and since Atticus was there, I figured he might as well get a taste. Atticus jumped at the chance and sucked the cum right out of Duke. Be sure to watch the hard core free gay porn trailer in full HD here at Randy Blue.

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