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Sebastian Rivers & Jason Shaw
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Jason & Sebastian

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Jason & Sebastian

Starring: Sebastian Rivers, Jason Shaw

Sebastian and Jason are two favorites that have been absent for a bit but now they are back in a flip fuck scene that will drive you nuts. Both of these guys are sexy and the mutual attraction was really hot to watch. They might start out a bit shy but things really heat up quickly!


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Sebastian & Tyler

I knew I had a winning combo on my hands with Sebastian and Tyler but I had no idea they were going to go at this with such intensity. There was a major connection when the two of them met and it shows in this hot video.

Slip-n-Slide It In!

This has got to be one of my favorite videos yet. A hot shower circle jerk with toys.....nice! Of course I chose 4 of my all time favorites and turned them loose on each other! What could be more hot or fun then Chris, Reese, Sebastian and Shawn all getting dirty in the shower! Enjoy!

Dakota & Sebastian

This is the reason why I love working with my Gay models- There is true sensuality and hardcore chemistry going on- this video just full of pure animalistic energy. Maybe it has something to with both their names being 'Rivers,' but, these guys wanted each other just as bad as I wanted to watch them have each other. I think I might have a career in match-making ahead of me. Check out the video and you probably will see what I am talking about- Dakota fucked Sebastian good and neither of them could get enough.

Jay & Sebastian

After many months of asking I finally got Sebastian an Jay together! It is obvious they were looking forward to this, they are both hard as hell! Sebastian and Jay have a heavy make out session before they dive right in to the sex!This video was way too long in coming but finally we got it! This one has everything in it boys! Enjoy!

Reese & Sebastian

Ever since I met Reese I knew I wanted to get he and Sebastian together for a hot afternoon of sex. It turned out so much better then I would have ever anticipated. These two love hangin out with each other and its obvious, way obvious that they feel very comfortable exploring each others bodies. This video has allot of sex in it and everything was as hot as it gets. Reese really does plow Sebastian's tight hairy ass and Sebastian gives that muscle frame of Reese's a real workout. Enjoy this coupling, it's one of my best!

Jason Shaw UJ

I am so glad to have this stud back! I love him and was eager to work with him again! Jason has the beautiful body and the accent and he loves sex? What could be better? This was his first time back in almost two years and I think he looks just as hot and sexy! Nice uncut dick, ass and a body to die for? What more could you want?

Jason & Mason

Hold on to your seats and grab some lube its party time with Jason and Mason! These guys are both hot and horny and ready to get off! I love this pairing because both guys are opposites in looks one dark and tanned, the other blonde and fair so they just look hot together! And as a bonus for you uncut fans, you get two nice uncut cocks to drool over! This video has everything in it including riming and oral and fucking. It really is good! Enjoy!

Kody & Kyle & Sebastian

While preparing for this video I wanted to do something fun and I knew it was Kyle's first time to ever get fucked. I knew it was going to be hot but i wasn't sure who to choose to pair him up with. Then it hit me? Why not two hot studs? I told Kyle they were going to take it easy on him but then they let loose and it got really hot! Both guys had their fun with Kyle and when Kody started to fuck him silly he started to really get into it! This video has three of my favorite guys in it and its also the return of Sebastian who we have not seen for quite a while! Enjoy Kody, Kyle and Sebastian in this original Randy Blue video!

Peter and Sebastian

Once Sebastian let the cat out of the bag and let it be known he would love to blow Peter I just had to do it! I mean he IS one of the biggest fans of the site and just wants to put Peter's fat dick in his mouth…who was I to say no! The pairing was even better then I had dreamed. This was Peter's first blow job from a guy and he really got into it and both he and Sebastian shot really big loads.

Sebastian Rivers

Well Sebastian is finally getting his wish. To be a porn star! I have to say there are few men that give me blue balls like he does. This kid is dynamite and does one hell of a great job. Its like he was born to be a star! Believe it or not, not everyone does a great job in front of the camera. Sebastian was excellent and here he strokes his dick and fingers his ass until we all get off!

Jason Shaw

Jason Shaw is really the next big thing. In all my years of photographing hot guys this one takes the cake. His body is like brown butter and his face is just too adorable. Not to mention he is just easy and fun to work with! My assistant was in love! (I know I know you wish you had that thankless job!) Jason is versatile but prefers top and that's a real shame because he has an ass that is just begging to be ridden. But that's ok cause his hot piece of uncut meat is really aching to be sucked!

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