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Carter Scott
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Carter Scott

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Carter Scott

Starring: Carter Scott

Carter Scott is the type of beautiful that captures all eyes- no matter what your 'type' is you'd probably find something about Carter to love. His eyes and face are striking- It was the first thing that I noticed when I saw him walking down the street. Immediately I knew that I just had to see this boy naked... I approached him with my card and to my delight he was very receptive and interested in doing this work. He told me it was something he had always thought about doing but, never had the chance before. Personally I think he was made to be in front of the camera- I am sure you will all agree after watching his solo performance. From the moment he arrived on set until he was wiping the cum off his body- the boy had a smile on his face. He really had a blast which always makes for a great shoot and a sexy video. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of Carter but, that maybe wishful thinking on my part. I can't help it though- he is a wet dream come true.


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Carter & Cody

Carter Scott and Cody Springs work a big bro, little bro mojo in this awesome video. Cody's smooth, small but muscular frame is a nice contrast to Carter's rough and scruffy look.

Carter Scott 2

Continuing on with the theme of handsome guys caught sleeping, we peek in on Carter Scott as he stirrs from a nap, horny and badly in need of a good afternoon wank-off session.

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