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Steel & Mathew & Bobby
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Bobby, Mathew, Steel

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Bobby, Mathew, Steel

Starring: Steel, Mathew, Bobby

Well we are all finally getting our wish and that is to see that stud Mathew get the pounding of his lifetime! And no, not by one guy but two of my favorites on Randy Blue! Bobby and Steel (Mathews friend) could not wait to take turns on this boy's ass and see just what he is made of! This is also the first time you have seen Steel fuck some ass! All of this gay sex is new to Mathew and he hasn't had much experience but that's about to change! This video has everything, oral and anal and a whole lot more and I am sure you are going to fucking love it!


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Braden & Mathew

Contrasting Braden's huge, beautiful bodybuilder's physique with Mathew's tight, defined, working man's body made for an exciting and erotic video.


Three hot and manly men that really cant get enough of each other. This is the ultimate scene when three guys are so into each other. This is an incredible three way with three incredible guys. Enjoy!

Joey & Mathew

Two words, Joey and Mathew, that's all I am going to say. Two beautiful men paired together because Mathew needed it and Joey was ready to give it up. This is one hot video where Mathew does everything he can to get Joey off in a big way. Hot!

Mathew & Mason

Two of my favorite bottom boys are back and doing a scene together. Mason I should say is versatile but he is such an amazing bottom that his topping abilities might get over looked. Two hot guys and one big double ended dildo! Enjoy!

Jude & Mathew Fuck

I decided it was high time to have Mathew help out again with Jude's education ad this time let Jude fuck him. Mathew is quite arguable the hottest bottom in the biz and Jude has one incredible cock. You are going to love these two fucking and sucking all afternoon!

Jude & Mathew

I love this video! It's cute, and the guys are way hot! This was Jude's first oral video and I think its almost a piece of fucking art! This guy is gorgeous and has one really big piece of meat! And yes, even though it's not you sucking it aren't you glad Mathew is? Yum! Are the cum-shots huge? You better believe it! Enjoy!

Kody & Mathew

Take two of the hottest guys to ever appear on Randy Blue and what do you get? A fucking excellent hardcore video! I can honestly say that Kody and Mathew are almost legendary on my site and putting them together created one of the hottest afternoons ever! Both guys love sex and both guys are absolutely looking better then ever! Just check out Mathew's abs and ass! And Kody is just impressive all the way around! Both guys admitted they were horny as fuck that day and you can tell it! Kody nails Mathew's ass deep and hard! Enjoy a real fuckfest with some of the hottest hardcore ever on RB!

Armond & Steel

When I first introduced Armand I was surprised at how much email I got about him. He is 100% Latin and all top. Armand has that leading man look about him kind of like Antonio Banderas but this leading man will show you his cock! When we did his first shoot he was a bit nervous so I figured I would never see him again. Boy was I wrong. Soon after he started emailing me asking if I had any other work and he was ready to hardcore! Naturally I thought of Steel who has one hot ass that is always begging to get pounded! I have to apologize because some of the footage got destroyed from the shoot when a camera fucked up and decided to die. But it's still pretty damn long and very good! I hope you enjoy this!

Sling Orgy

I have really been horned up lately and needing something a little different. The best thing about my job is watching these guys test the waters on their budding new bisexuality. I wanted something dirtier and more animalistic and I didn't want to do much directing (not that I ever really do). So I rounded up the 3 hottest men I have working for me lately (and oh God they are hot aren't they?) and one of my faves from the past and set up a sling. Mind you Mathew, Steel, and Matt hadn't really ever seen a sling before and weren't sure what to make out of it. But after a while they got into it. This is an all out lust fueled fuck fest and these guys got messy and dirty! Everyone was fucking and sucking and getting fucked, (well, except for Matt who still hasn't committed to getting fucked) and having one hell of a hot time! Don't believe me? Then watch the video!

Mathew's Toy

Well, Of course it took some coaxing…But call me a man with a mission. There is nothing I wanted to see more than Mathew shove something big and dripping with lube up that very tight virgin hole of his. I guess good things come to those who wait. Patience my friends patience is the key. When I first met Mathew and discussed the possibility of more work in the future he was pretty sure he just wanted to do solo work. He had never had anything up his ass before and he wanted it to stay that way. But I guess one crazy night with a stripper who was into strap-ons changed his mind. Mathew confided in me he loved it and would have no problem doing it now! If I ever find that stripper I am going to have to hug her!

Mathew and Erik

Who would have thought that Mathew would have been such a great cocksucker? He had told me he hadn't really had much (any) experience in sucking dick before and while filming this video I would have found it hard to believe. He sucks down that big long pole of Erik's like a pro. It couldn't be that easy cause Erik has a big piece of sausage hanging between his legs and when its hard ….damn, it's a mouthful! Mathew gave it a working over till there was not one drop of cum left in it!

Mathew 1

Mathew pulls out all the stops and makes his very first Randy Blue solo video something to really drool over! I immediately took a liking to Mathew and had a really fun time shooting this video. Mathew is hoping to make it big in the city of angels and thought this might get him some extra exposure. I know if I were a casting agent I would have him on my couch so fast it would make your head spin! Mathew has a great body and a big oh so suckable cock that you might cum way before he does on this video!

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