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Antonio Galvan
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Antonio Galvan

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Antonio Galvan

Starring: Antonio Galvan

I took Antonio Galvan out to the park to film his solo. He was still in seventh heaven after having already done a scene with Chris Rockway. I personally was surprised he could still walk. I noticed how Antonio looks like such a gentleman with his clothes on. There is something very regal and refined about him. Then he takes his shirt off and flashes his devilish smile to the camera. He is ready to show how a gentleman can get dirty and nasty. After climbing trees and building up a sweat, I take Antonio back to the studio where he gets naked. He frees his hard dick from out of his underwear and starts stroking it. He then moves to the ottoman and asks if we want him to play with his hole. Um, yes. He bends over doggie style and sticks a finger in and starts pumping it in and out of his ass. But that was not enough. He then gets two fingers in there. Next he lays on his back and keeps plunging his fingers deeper into his hole. Each thrust inward sent more blood to his throbbing cock. Finally he stood up and starting beating his meat furiously. He wanted to bust so bad, and finally he shot his wad all over the floor and the camera man. He fell back into the couch exhausted and elated. I am going to have to get this boy another scene as soon as possible.


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Antonio & Chris

Due to a last minute cancellation, we needed to find a new model to do a scene with Chris Rockway. Luckily, Antonio Galvan was in town, getting ready for his solo scene with us. We asked him if he would be willing to bottom for Chris Rockway. A sparkle appeared in his eyes followed by a big adorable smile. He was jumping in head first, or rather bottom first. You could tell that Antonio was nervous when they first met. And once Antonio saw that big hard dick on Chris, he started to get a little scared. He confided to me that he never had a dick that big inside of him before. But once they started kissing, all the nerves flew out the window. Chris sucked on Antonio first. His hard shaft thrust deep into Chris, hitting the back of his throat. Antonio sucked off Chris next. The shy nervous lad I saw at the beginning of the day was gone. A nasty sex pig had taken his place. He was sucking on Chris as if his dick had the last oxygen on earth. All the spit and slobber made Chris feel a little nasty too. He flipped Antonio over and started to rim his hole. He fingered it for a little bit as well, and then finally shoved his rod inside. Fingers were not enough to prepare Antonio for this thick piece of meat. Antonio yelled out, and started screaming in a combo of pain and pleasure. After fucking him doggie and on his back, Chris could not hold back anymore. He pulled out and came right in that hot little mouth of Antonio, and all that hot cum in his mouth caused Antonio to bust all over his chest. Antonio set the bar in this scene. I cannot wait to have him back.

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