Every so often a model walks thru the door that you makes you get on your hands and knees and thank God you are shooting porn. Such a man is Mathew. Mathew had been referred to me by Steel one of my most recent models. Steel had contacted me to ask if his new friend in town could come by for an audition, and being the whore that I am was most happy to oblige. Mathew looks like a matinee idol and believe it or not has not had much modeling experience.
'Sure he is good looking,' I thought 'But I wonder how hung he is?'
I was very pleasantly surprised to see that he has a big, fat, piece of meat hanging between his legs. Mathew wasted no time in giving me one great performance on my casting couch and I knew I was hooked. Mathew is extremely excited to be here in LA and is looking for a little more excitement then he was getting in Nebraska. Mathews photos are some of the best I think I have done recently and his video (coming soon and not to be missed) will have you blowing a huge load all over your keypad!
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Every so often a model walks thru the door that you makes you get on your hands and knees and thank God you are shooting porn. Such a man is Mathew. Mathew had been referred to me by Steel one of my most recent models. Steel had contacted me to ask if his new friend in town could come by for an audition, and being the whore that I am was most happy to oblige. Mathew looks like a matinee idol and believe it or not has not had much modeling experience. 'Sure he is good looking,' I thought 'But I wonder how hung he is?' I was very pleasantly surprised to see that he has a big, fat, piece of meat hanging between his legs. Mathew wasted no time in giving me one great performance on my casting couch and I knew I was hooked. Mathew is extremely excited to be here in LA and is looking for a little more excitement then he was getting in Nebraska. Mathews photos are some of the best I think I have done recently and his video (coming soon and not to be missed) will have you blowing a huge load all over your keypad!

Braden & Mathew

Contrasting Braden's huge, beautiful bodybuilder's physique with Mathew's tight, defined, working man's body made for an exciting and erotic video.


Three hot and manly men that really cant get enough of each other. This is the ultimate scene when three guys are so into each other. This is an incredible three way with three incredible guys. Enjoy!

Joey & Mathew

Two words, Joey and Mathew, that's all I am going to say. Two beautiful men paired together because Mathew needed it and Joey was ready to give it up. This is one hot video where Mathew does everything he can to get Joey off in a big way. Hot!

Mathew & Mason

Two of my favorite bottom boys are back and doing a scene together. Mason I should say is versatile but he is such an amazing bottom that his topping abilities might get over looked. Two hot guys and one big double ended dildo! Enjoy!

Jude & Mathew Fuck

I decided it was high time to have Mathew help out again with Jude's education ad this time let Jude fuck him. Mathew is quite arguable the hottest bottom in the biz and Jude has one incredible cock. You are going to love these two fucking and sucking all afternoon!

Jude & Mathew

I love this video! It's cute, and the guys are way hot! This was Jude's first oral video and I think its almost a piece of fucking art! This guy is gorgeous and has one really big piece of meat! And yes, even though it's not you sucking it aren't you glad Mathew is? Yum! Are the cum-shots huge? You better believe it! Enjoy!

Kody & Mathew

Take two of the hottest guys to ever appear on Randy Blue and what do you get? A fucking excellent hardcore video! I can honestly say that Kody and Mathew are almost legendary on my site and putting them together created one of the hottest afternoons ever! Both guys love sex and both guys are absolutely looking better then ever! Just check out Mathew's abs and ass! And Kody is just impressive all the way around! Both guys admitted they were horny as fuck that day and you can tell it! Kody nails Mathew's ass deep and hard! Enjoy a real fuckfest with some of the hottest hardcore ever on RB!

Sling Orgy

I have really been horned up lately and needing something a little different. The best thing about my job is watching these guys test the waters on their budding new bisexuality. I wanted something dirtier and more animalistic and I didn't want to do much directing (not that I ever really do). So I rounded up the 3 hottest men I have working for me lately (and oh God they are hot aren't they?) and one of my faves from the past and set up a sling. Mind you Mathew, Steel, and Matt hadn't really ever seen a sling before and weren't sure what to make out of it. But after a while they got into it. This is an all out lust fueled fuck fest and these guys got messy and dirty! Everyone was fucking and sucking and getting fucked, (well, except for Matt who still hasn't committed to getting fucked) and having one hell of a hot time! Don't believe me? Then watch the video!

Bobby, Mathew, Steel

Well we are all finally getting our wish and that is to see that stud Mathew get the pounding of his lifetime! And no, not by one guy but two of my favorites on Randy Blue! Bobby and Steel (Mathews friend) could not wait to take turns on this boy's ass and see just what he is made of! This is also the first time you have seen Steel fuck some ass! All of this gay sex is new to Mathew and he hasn't had much experience but that's about to change! This video has everything, oral and anal and a whole lot more and I am sure you are going to fucking love it!

Mathew's Toy

Well, Of course it took some coaxing…But call me a man with a mission. There is nothing I wanted to see more than Mathew shove something big and dripping with lube up that very tight virgin hole of his. I guess good things come to those who wait. Patience my friends patience is the key. When I first met Mathew and discussed the possibility of more work in the future he was pretty sure he just wanted to do solo work. He had never had anything up his ass before and he wanted it to stay that way. But I guess one crazy night with a stripper who was into strap-ons changed his mind. Mathew confided in me he loved it and would have no problem doing it now! If I ever find that stripper I am going to have to hug her!

Mathew and Erik

Who would have thought that Mathew would have been such a great cocksucker? He had told me he hadn't really had much (any) experience in sucking dick before and while filming this video I would have found it hard to believe. He sucks down that big long pole of Erik's like a pro. It couldn't be that easy cause Erik has a big piece of sausage hanging between his legs and when its hard ….damn, it's a mouthful! Mathew gave it a working over till there was not one drop of cum left in it!

Mathew 1

Mathew pulls out all the stops and makes his very first Randy Blue solo video something to really drool over! I immediately took a liking to Mathew and had a really fun time shooting this video. Mathew is hoping to make it big in the city of angels and thought this might get him some extra exposure. I know if I were a casting agent I would have him on my couch so fast it would make your head spin! Mathew has a great body and a big oh so suckable cock that you might cum way before he does on this video!

Braden & Mathew

Everyone's been talking about the hottest gay musclemen on our site, especially Braden Charron. That amazing body just keeps getting better and better. Muscle on muscle, smooth skin, nice fat cock. He's the kind of guy who could just stand there and you'd never get bored looking at him. But you know that's not enough for me. I love seeing this straight stud having some major man action. So I got in touch with one of my long time favorites, Mathew. He always does an excellent job and is so handsome, with a body to die for. I love contrasts and putting these two together was a great idea. Braden's young exuberance against Mathew's cool, mature manliness made for an amazing pairing. Braden has a huge, beautiful bodybuilder's physique while Mathew has that tight, defined, working man's body. And getting them together was one thing but watching them fuck is a whole other story. I thought they would be good together, I wasn't prepared for how hot it actually turned out. Braden reamed Mathew's ass like he had been saving all his sexual energy for a rainy day and there was a monsoon outside! And Mathew was practically begging for more. And Braden gave him such a great blow job I was worried he'd blow his load before we even got to the fucking. They had such a hot time, I know you're going to love it.


I am going to call this feature When Men Play. Working with Matthew has been a real pleasure both personally and professionally. He is an absolute nice guy and goes above and beyond to do a great scene. Dario is brand new and never done anything in the industry so that was given when I saw his lean, tight, muscled torso. Meeting Mitchel was a pure stroke of luck. In my opinion he is the ultimate male. Masculine, built, hairy and with a nice thick piece and an ass you want to bury yourself in. When I asked all three guys if they would want to be in this scene they all gave me a resounding YES, and when you watch the video you can tell there is a huge amount of lust. These guys could not wait to shuck the clothes and get busy with each other. Everything was pretty much shot with very few takes because the sex was so natural and oh so good! You can feel how much these guys want to fuck around with each other and how excited they all three were. This video marks Dario's and Mitchel's first hardcore scene with us and the return of one of our favorites and yours judging from the sign ups of Mathew! These guys seriously go at it in lots of hot positions and believe me when I say I didn't have to do a thing but watch and enjoy! And who doesn't enjoy naked gay muscle hunks having gay three way sex? Mitchel is a powerhouse. Look for alot more from this guy!

Joey & Mathew

You can't help but be attracted to Joey Diego. He is the kind of guy that you know if you stare too long could lead you to getting your ass kicked but you just can't help yourself. Joey has a tough, street wise personality that can make you be a bit standoffish, but don't this hot stud wont bite. Well maybe, if you ask him. Joey has blown me away with how approachable he really is and just what amazing talent he is in front of the camera. If you had asked me a few months ago which guy I would have thought would never do more then solo my answer would have been Joey. I guess my powers of persuasion are better then I had ever thought. Joey was really great a few weeks ago when Jackson got to be the first one to break him. They looked really great together with their muscles and short hair. This time since Joey was taking the plunge and was really go to do more I knew I needed a powerhouse to put him. No one is hotter, hornier, and more masculine then Mathew and the thought of Joey giving it to him good had my entire staff pretty excited. Mathew has a huge portion of fans devoted to him on the site and I knew once I paired him with big dicked Joey that the scene was going to get hot. Mathew new exactly all the right buttons to push to get him going and soon Joey was pounding the hell out of his beefy tight ass! Both of these guys are all man and the testosterone level was really running high that day with both getting what they wanted. Mathew getting off and Joey having something warm and tight to put his big pole in. This is a really hot video!

Mason & Mathew

What do you do with two of the hottest guys in the biz? Well, maybe I should say two of the hottest bottoms in the biz? That was my dilemma. Both Mason and Mathew have got their fare share of fans on the site. They are the kinds of talent that any porn producer dreams about. Built, hung, and gorgeous both of them are in a class that most performers cant compare too. Why do I use these guys so much? Because each one is a powerhouse and every time they perform they just get better! But what could I possibly film that would star two hot bottoms? How about a huge double ended dildo fuck scene! You can tell also the guys really enjoy watching each other use dildos on themselves. Two hot guys and some amazing toys culminating in Mason fucking the hell out of Mathew! Now that is a video that I want to see! I don't know if you have seen anything like this on any other site with guys that look this hot. Enjoy!

Jude & Mathew Fuck

It's been a while since Jude and Mathew last saw each other. This was a few months ago and it was Jude's first gay blow job. I had always wanted the lesson to be a bit more involved because Mathew is hot and of course who wouldn't want to see Jude fuck Mathew? Mathew had been traveling and contacted me saying he wanted more work and when could I get him in. Jude is always horny as hell these days and I knew this would be one great opportunity to get them together again and just see how Jude's education is coming along. Both of these guys love sex I think that's quite evident and Mathew has told me he has wondered what it's like to ride Jude's really big cock. Well I don't think he has to wonder anymore. What I really love about this video is that I really didn't have to do much coaching at all and as you can see the whole scene is really two hot guys getting it on and getting off. I loved watching Jude take his time with Mathew. Yes, there are some very aggressive scenes but not until Mathew is begging for Jude to fuck him. And fuck him is what Jude did. He rides Mathew hard and leaves him sweaty and spent at the end of the video. Watching Jude slide in and out of Mathew and both guys panting and sweating is the kind of hot sex we all fantasize about. It always amazes me what guys connect on a scene and these two really get along on and off the screen quite well. I love this video and I am pretty darned sure you will too.

Jude & Mathew

Jude, Jude, Jude. I could sit and look at this guy all day long. He looks like a 40's matinee idol in every way. That smile, that hair, that body, that dick and those eyes. Damn! The first time I met him we were at a local coffee house shooting the breeze and I could not believe what a cool guy he was. Sometimes you meet guys that are just so full of themselves that they make you sick. Jude is not one of them. he is humble and sweet but yeah, he knows he has a big dick. If I were that young with that dick believe me I would be much more cockier then he is. Now let's talk about Mathew! Here is another model that has gotten his fair share of fans on my site. Every time I see him he looks better and better. And He has really learned to give one hell of a great blow job! Jude was ready to do more and since he was straight I wanted to pair him with just the right guy. Mathew was the perfect choice. Just really seemed to get into and every so often i caught him catching glimpses of Mathew's beautiful body! The best part of this video is you get to experience Jude's first blow job right along with him! Enjoy!

Kody & Mathew

Have you ever met two guys separately but in your mind you envision them going at it like a couple of horny rabbits in the woods. OK maybe that's not the best mental picture I can give you and no this is not bestiality, but that was exactly what I thought of when I decided to put Kody and Mathew together. Both men have been very popular on my site and I couldn't believe that I had never paired them up. Well now that's about to change! Mathew started out being a top but quickly decided he enjoys being bottom as well. When i showed him photos of Kody he was very eager to work with him. Kody loves a hot guy and he was really impressed with Mathews new lean physique. I have to admit, I was too. Mathew looks terrific! I let the guys meet, hang out and shoot the shit and pretty soon I could tell they were wanting to get started. Kody can be a bit impatient when you show him a real hot ass! This shoot started pout with both guys going down on each other and Mathew especially giving Kody's dick a working over. He then turned the tables and fucked the hell out of Kody's mouth! Kody got his revenge when he gave Mathew the hardest fucking he has ever had on Randy Blue! Damn it you can almost feel it yourself! The video ends with both guys blowing a load but damn, don't miss Kody's cum-shot! Enjoy!

Sling Orgy

I am going to call this 4 straight guys (well mostly straight) and a sling. For a while I have been working with Steel, Mathew, and Matt getting them to push their limits a bit with great success! Ill be the first to admit that I didnt think I would get very far with any of them (especially Matt) but low and behold here they all are. I wanted to do something special and a bit out of the ordinary for my first big orgy on RB but was not sure what I should do. That was until I was walking by a West Hollywood sex shop and saw the sling. Now I knew that would throw a little more kink into my shoot. Now the next thing I had to figure out was who was going to be the fourth. That came surprisingly from a call out of the blue from my friend and earlier feature model Ben Campisi. Ben and I have stayed in touch and he has gone on to many things since his first photo shoot with me. I think Ben is super sexy and you can tell he has really been working out and putting on a lot of muscle! So now I had my 4 guys and a sling! The day of the shoot Matt, Steel and Mathew were walking around the sling laughing and not sure what to make of it but once they got the ball started I was amazed how much fun they had with it! Here is my first fucking orgy on Randy blue and I promise its a scorcher! Its the kind of porn dreams are made of! The guys are hot, horny, begging to get fucked and sucked and drop a huge load just for you!

Bobby, Mathew, and Steel

Sometimes I really, really love my job. I mean what red blooded gay guy wouldnt? But today was exceptional! If you have been keeping up with all the cummings and goings the past few weeks you know I have it big for Mathew. When Mathew first started working with me he was a bit shy and had not had any experience with guys. But I soon broke him out of his shell and he has found that he really likes being with guys. Now the kicker. he was ok with doing hardcore but would he be comfortable doing it with his best friend Steel? I called them both and asked if it was a possibility and they were both a bit freaked out. But, after talking it over they both said why the hell not? I asked them who they would feel comfortable working with they both replied they liked Bobby. Bobby was visiting from the east coast and as always was up for anything so I put them together. Mathew is one hell of a great bottom with one really beautiful hard bubble ass! Steel looked like he was getting a kick out of fucking his best friends ass and they both looked they couldnt get enough of Bobbys cock! What a great way to spend one fucking hot and horny afternoon watching Mathew get pounded in a hot gay threeway sex orgy with horny college guys!

Mathew And His Toys

Mathew makes me so fucking hot! I am sure that if you have been a loyal fan of my site you probably know that already. Its been a hell of a lot of fun working with him and helping him to explore his sexuality a bit more. A couple of weeks ago I had him fucking and blowing Erik but this week I really wanted to edge him onto doing some anal for the first time on video. Mathew does not have a lot of experience in the gay market and coming from the Midwest, California has been an adventure for him. Mathew has never been anything! His ass was really tight and I can testify that he had a huge bit of discomfort but some how he pulled thru and gave one hell of a hot performance. Mathew has one primo ass. Its round and hard and so fuckable that I knew this photo set and video would be one of the best I have done and I can promise it will get you off!

Mathew 3

Mathew 3 photo set

Mathew 2

Mathew 2 photo set

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