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Stephen Brooks works over his smooth muscled body to a hot climax

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Stephen Brooks works over his smooth muscled body to a hot climax

Starring: Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks has a hot muscled body. Hours and hours of working out has given him a chiseled look that is not to be believed. His pecs are huge and his smooth body shows all the definition. He really likes to talk dirty so if you get into that make sure you turn up the volume. And if you love big muscled asses make sure you check out his hot round globes when he turns around and gives you a full view. We had him excercising in the gym because it seems to be his natural territory and he really felt at home surrounded by all the weights and the heady aroma of male sweat from all the Randy Blue studs that have worked out there before. And like all those who came before him, Stephen shoots a nice healthy load to round out his workout.


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drew185 12 months ago

very handsome. perfectly shaped ass! beautiful musculature and would be.... body hair. is he for sale......... sadly, no... i guess. a keeper. much more, please

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