Roman Todd & Diego Sans
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Diego Sans is a power top that loves breaking in Roman Todd and his virgin hole

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Diego Sans is a power top that loves breaking in Roman Todd and his virgin hole

Starring: Roman Todd, Diego Sans

Roman Todd has never been fucked before. And we kind of ending being ass holes by putting him with Diego Sans. This dude has bottomed for us in scenes, but in his personal life he is a total top. He is a power fucker that shows no mercy. Things start out pretty smoothly. Roman and Diego start kissing. And then they get naked and start sucking each other. For a straight man, Roman can deep throat a cock like a champ. Then Diego starts sucking on Roman followed by a hot rim job. Then the fucking begins. Roman is having trouble taking it. And the more Roman squirms, the more Diego gets turned on. You can almost see him try to crawl away as Diego pounds him hard and brutally. But as Roman's ass opens up and gets used to it, he lets it hit his prostate and starts to love it. Roman cums first and then Diego sucks on Roman until he shoots all over himself.


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bluboy69 about 1 year ago

the setting fucking position was sensational. i could feel the thrill Roman must have while Diego was fucking him with his hard long cock. very good penetrationinside a hungry ass-hole. AND Diego's cum explosion was was sensation, i love it.

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