Christian Sharp & Roman Todd
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Christian Sharpe fucks the hot black butt of Roman Todd

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Christian Sharpe fucks the hot black butt of Roman Todd

Starring: Christian Sharp, Roman Todd

Christian Sharp is looking incredible as he gets ready for some hardcore ass sex with Roman Todd. These two are all over each other with Roman showing exceptional skill in pleasuring every inch of the big thick cock that Christian is waving in his face. He uses his soft, warm lips to work up and down the shaft and then takes the whole monster meat deep down his throat. He also gives Christian a good face fucking when it is time for his cock to be worked over. Christian then gives him a major ass pounding in various positions, all of which leave Roman gasping for air and begging for more cock. He loves getting his ass pounded, especially when it gets done by a hot stud like Christian, with that gorgeous muscled body and adorable face. Roman shoots a nice load all over himself followed closely by Christian, who neatly adds his to the mix. Super hot video from two of our hottest guys.


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Suckboy18 over 1 year ago

Robert Craig has a monster cock, he should be fucking Christian in my opinion hehehe

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