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Ace White is a tall sexy fucker that fucks a flesh jack

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Ace White is a tall sexy fucker that fucks a flesh jack

Starring: Ace White

Ace White is a tall hot drink of water that is sure to grab your attention. At 6 foot 2 he is usually easy to spot in a room and with a face as hot as his you will definitely want to see more. He runs his hands all over his smooth pecs while the other works the length of his hard cock. He lingers a bit as he gets to the base and fondles his nuts for just a second. Feeling adventurous he grabs a Fleshjack and gets it lubed up. The soft warm opening envelops his stiff cock and gives him the sensation of getting a world class cock job. His mind swims with images of all the hot jocks who will be giving him the real thing and his dick tingles at the thought of him getting to reciprocate. He flips over and fucks that flesh jack like it’s his little bitch. He knows you are watching and it gets him so turned on. He grabs his butt and pulls the beautiful round cheeks apart so you can get a really good look at his hungry hairy hole. And finally he shots his wad and washes his sexy body off in a nice steamy shower.


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JonnyBgood over 1 year ago

Cute guy with a nice cock, I have to get me one of them Flesh Jack things, anyone else has tried one?

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