Jake Andrews
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19 year old Jake Andrews makes his Randy Blue debut

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19 year old Jake Andrews makes his Randy Blue debut

Starring: Jake Andrews

Jake Andrew is so fucking hot. He has those blue eyes that pierce right through you. You want him to fuck you immediately. You would do whatever he says. And his cock. Fuck it is so fucking thick. Thank god he can bottom as well as top, because some guys would not be able to take that thing. He starts to jerk off in earnest and bends over and plays with his hole. He is just too hot for words. He jerks off until he finally jizzes all over himself.


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crazy4men2nite 11 months ago

This dude has a great ability to perform and a gigantic cock to go with it

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Jake Andrews EH

Jake Andrews thrilled the In Your Studio audience with his sexy muscular body, handsome face and cute furry ass.

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