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Zach Ramos Author: RandyBlue

Zach is so quiet and polite. I was so surprised that this personal trainer wanted to get in to the gayporn business. But after he got his clothes off, I soon discovered this guy was covered in hot tattoos and muscles galore. Sometimes you can tell that the quiet ones are quiet because they are secret freaks underneath. And once I got this boy naked, it only took about three seconds for him to get hard. His cock is nice and thick and juicy. And as he starts to jerk off his dick and play with his ass, the shy boy I first met disappeared. And now a new horny hunk of muscle has come out in his place. He ended it all with a nice hot cum shot to his chest. Hopefully we will see this guy come back for some hot man on man action. He belongs in the world of gay porn.

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10/07/2014 Zach Ramos Zach is so quiet and polite. I was so surprised that this personal trainer wanted to get in to the gayporn business. But after he got his clothes off, I soon discovered this guy was covered in hot tattoos and muscles galore. Sometimes you can tell that the quiet ones are quiet because they are secret freaks underneath. And once I got this boy naked, it only took about three seconds for him to get hard. His cock is nice and thick and juicy. And as he starts to jerk off his dick and play with his ass, the shy boy I first met disappeared. And now a new horny hunk of muscle has come out in his place. He ended it all with a nice hot cum shot to his chest. Hopefully we will see this guy come back for some hot man on man action. He belongs in the world of gay porn.
09/30/2014 Ryan Knightly Ryan Knightly has a body that defies his age. At only 18 years old, he has the perfectly sculpted and massive muscles that men in their 20s spend years trying to achieve. This hot piece of perfection has steel blue eyes and nice tanned skin all atop of a massive 6 foot frame. This muscular hunk is ready to get down and dirty with us. He wants to make the best gay porn possible and he knows how to deliver. He whips out his dick and begins to stroke it for us. He jerks it off harder and harder, until finally he moves to his ass. He spreads his hairy hole for us and smacks his cheeks. He flips over and finally fishes off on his chest. This guy may only be 18 years old, but he is ready for some fun. Be sure to check out the free gay porn trailer of all the hot action.
09/17/2014 Ezra Finn Ezra Finn has one of those innocent smiles that can warm your heart. He also has one of those muscled bodies that will get your dick rock hard. He has dark features and beautifully tanned skin. He has just the right amount of hair on his chest and down his crack. This boy loves sports and is always ready to play. He is straight, but definitely open minded. And once you get a look at his nice thick uncut cock, you will be glad he is ready to dip it in some hot man ass. Let the gay fucking begin.
09/09/2014 Preston Cole You can ask yourself what makes Preston Cole so hot. Maybe the jet black hair. Maybe it could be his piercing blue eyes. Or possibly it could be his tight swimmers build body. Or maybe it is the round smooth ass that loves to get pounded. Or it could be the 10 inch cock he has packing in his jock strap. Whether you are an ass man or a cock man, Preston Cole has it all. Watch this self proclaimed bottom finger fuck his hole and jerk off his massive meat in full HD. He has something for everyone, and by the time he cums all over his hard abs, you will be asking yourself where this hottie has been hiding all your life.
09/02/2014 Jake Orion Jake Orion is just your typical big dicked Jewish bisexual twink stud with a love of eating his own cum. You know, you run into this kind of guy every day. You will first be brought in by his gorgeous blue eyes. And then you will be trapped by his tight body and rock hard abs, and then you will be on your knees for his rock hard dick. This cock is a monster. It is not just thick, it is fucking long too. He loves feeling a finger up his hole and when he shoots his load, he loves aiming it so that every last drop goes into his mouth. Wow. This is one hot nude man you will not be able to get enough of.
08/26/2014 Fabio Acconi With the name Fabio, you probably get visions of romance novels in your head. And trust me, if there is anyone who could be a bodice ripping stallion, it is this man. This Italian stud is covered from head to toe in tan rippling muslces. And he he has a nice bubble butt behind him and a hard long thick cock right in front. Fabio says he is straight, but he is more than ready to get hardcore and jump into some gay fucking with another man. He is a smooth talker and when asked what his best feature is, he likes to say his attitude. This man is a charmer. He will charm the pants off of you. And he will certainly charm a big load out of you.
08/12/2014 Alec Hudson Pure unadulterated beefcake. That is what you get when you get a load our latest model, Alec Hudson. He is ripped and hard and sweaty and wants to get off. There is not a single part of his chiseled body that is not throbbing and ready for action. Watch him pump the weights, and then watch him pump his meat. He has a nice long hard cock that he loves to tease and play with. Watch this boy become a gay porn star right before you eyes. He is making the best gay porn video he can and loves being watched.
08/05/2014 Brandon Foster Brandon Foster has a body that can only be described as unreal. He as an innocent smile and seems like he would be the handsome life guard in a TV show. And when he takes his shirt off, hot damn. His abs are insane. His chest is crazy. His whole goddam body is so nuts it could be committed to an insane asylum. His skin has a beautiful caramel color and underneath he his hiding a monster of a dick. He loves to pull his black dick out and play with it. It is so long and rock hard, you will have a hard time trying to figure out where to look. They say that to become a gay porn star you need to have two of the three when it comes to body, face and dick. Well we have hit the trifecta, folks. And Brandon is here to stay.
07/22/2014 Elijah Alexandrov Elijah Alexandrov is a jokester. This 19 year old is always laughing and playing around. This guy may be a straight, but he likes to have fun, and believes that a hole is hole, whether it be a pussy or some hot tight man butt. Elijah is a Russian red head and stands tall at 6 foot 3 with pale alabaster skin that covers some serious muscle. This man has wash board abs and massive pecs and biceps. And if you ever heard about how gingers have fat long donkey dicks, then here is proof that the legend is true. This boy has a fat cock that loves to get wet. Be sure to see him make the best gay porn videos in the world here at Randy Blue.
07/22/2014 Scotty Marx Scotty Marx is just perfect. He has beautiful eyes and a perfectly chiseled face. And his hot latin body is sculpted to perfection. He has bulging pecs and biceps and a round bubble booty that just boggles the mind. This boy is a gay bottom and at 5 foot 7 he loves to be dominated by a tall aggressive top. He is ready to jump into making the best gay porn videos he can and is eager to suck a dick, get fucked and eat cum. This guy is ready to take on the world one dick at a time.
07/08/2014 Killian James Killian James has literally won awards for what he can do with his ass. And he knew that he would be a selfish prick if he did not share his talents with the rest of the world. That is why this hot stud decided to be a gay porn star. Killian a beefy brown haired, New York boy that looks sweet and innocent at first, but when you least expect it, he will slam you down and sit on your fat dick. He has huge pink nipples that sit on top of his massive chest. His ass is round and bubbly and his dick is always rock hard. This boy is going to be your new crush. Be sure to check out all of his best gay porn videos, because this boy will not disappoint.
07/01/2014 Jimmy Clay Jimmy Clay has the most kissable pair of lips you have ever seen. They are fat and juicy and love to have a cock shoved between them. His lips are not the only fat and juicy thing that loves a long dick. His ass is like a taste of heaven. This bisexual stunner loves to bottom and top cannot get enough of the taste of men. This sexy nude man has been a gay porn star for some time, and has decided to grace Randy Blue with his dirty gay sex games. Jimmy has thick curly black hair and tons of tattoos. And his smooth toned body loves to get fucked. There is nothing more intense than when this boy cums. He shoots geysers out of his hard cock all while screaming in delight. Be sure to check out all of his hardcore porn videos here at Randy Blue.
06/24/2014 Charlie Pattinson This hot little fucker is one big ball of energy. As soon as Charlie landed in L.A., he could not wait to get started. He was looking at everything as a just one big new fun experience. I asked him if he was gay or straight. He told me that he has only dated girls, but considers himself a little bisexual. He basically is open to any new fun experience that comes his way. And doing some hot gay porn is one of those things he wants to check off of his bucket list. This dirty blonde haired 19 year old stud has a body to die for. With those broad shoulders and bulging pecs and biceps, he is the classic definition of a dream boat. I asked him if he was ready to have some fun, and he was so excited he pulled out his dick to show me that he was already hard. And it was at this point that this fun loving straight dude turned into a gay porn sex machine. The mouth on this little fucker. He likes to talk dirty, and every moment he could, he would look into the camera and ask me if I liked his big hard cock. As he moved over to the couch and began to beat his meat harder and show off his hot pink butt hole off to the camera, he kept up with the dirty talk. He kept talking about how he wished someone was here to suck him off, so he could shove his dick deep down a throat. And right before he busted a nut, he yelled out that he wished he could cum deep inside someone. Then he shot a load all over his belly. If you like dirty talk then this is the best gay porn video solo you are going to see in a long time. Be sure to to watch the free gay porn trailer here at Randy Blue.
06/10/2014 Seth OMalley Seth OMalley is the ginger hunk that you have been waiting for. He has nice white alabaster skin and a big thick manly muscular frame. He works as a personal trainer, and all of his hard work sure has paid off. He is fucking gorgeous from his muscled biceps all the way down to his red pubes. This boy knows how to show off. And his ass ia just stellar. When he bends over to show off his hot pink butt hole, you will just melt. The straight boy knows how to have fun. He is ready for some hot gay porn action. And he wants you to watch.
06/03/2014 Dustin Holloway There is an innocence about Dustin Holloway that makes him not look like a gay porn star. And that is exactly what makes him so fucking hot. This straight boy from the midwest, has that boy next door quality and handsome good looks that make him the type of guy that you take home to meet your mom. He is so fucking handsome and seemed so well mannered and shy. But the more I talked to him, the more I realized that he liked to get down and dirty like the rest of us. He just needed to warm up. He was very nervous. But I told him to relax and just have fun with it. It seemed that as he removed a layer of clothing, he also removed a little bit of his apprehension. Once he got down to his underwear, he started to touch himself. He pulled out his dick and it was nice and hard. I could still tell he was holding back. But I let him go at his own pace. He stood up and sat on the edge of the couch and started to jerk off harder. I noticed his dick got raging rock hard, and he started to talk dirtier and breathe heavier. The beast was unleashed. Any nervousness he had was gone, and he was in absolute heaven. So much so, he accidentally came. However, this did not stop him. He flipped over and played with his ass. Then he laid back and kept beating off until he came a second time. He had such a good time, he agreed to fuck a boy for the first time the very next day. So keep an eye out of that! And be sure to watch the free hd gay porn video trailer here at Randy Blue.
05/27/2014 Bodick Rigor If you were to recast the XMen, I believe Bodik Rigor would be the perfect choice or Colossus. Colossus is a big beefy Soviet god who has muscles that turn to steel. This Ukranian hottie, might not have muscles that turn to steel, but they sure as hell will turn your dick to steel. This boy has that perfect body builder body, but with natural hair on his chest and a hot fuzzy ass. The other steel he possesses are his blue steel eyes. Those eyes can shoot beams right through you and make you weak in the knees and willing to do anything he says. Perfect eyes, perfect pecs, perfect biceps, hot fuzzy ass, and we still have not even gotten to his dick yet. He has a beautiful long uncut cock, that is just dying to be sucked. He loves to dirty talk. And the fun thing about being Ukranian, is that he can talk nasty in Ukranian, Russian and English. This is one of the best gay porn stars out there. He may be straight, but he is definitely open minded. Take a look at his hd gay porn videos here at Randy Blue.
05/20/2014 Eric Blade Eric Blade has a body to die for. Perfect abs and biceps and just the right amount of hair covering his pecs and butt. He has these Romanian good looks that could melt your heart. But the real prize with this straight stud is what he has down below. He is packing some massive uncut cock. When you see this boy stroke his gigantic pud, your mouth will start watering and begging for more. This is a boy that could pound you into submission. He is very proud of his package and is open minded. He is from Vegas and lives by the saying What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Well now that he is in LA, it is time to show and tell.
05/13/2014 Zane Porter It may look like Leonardo DiCaprio. But actually, it Zane Porter. This tatted up 18 year old stud has the movie star looks that many pay good money to see light up the screen. But now you get to see him light up your bedroom, or wherever you might be jerking off to your collection of video porn. This boy has smooth skin, and lean ripped muscles. His beautiful pink nipples get hard at the slightest touch and once you take a look at his hot gay pics, you will realize that this the best gay porn star out there. Zane is a smooth talking rebel with a heart of gold, and a cock that will leave you walking with a limp for days. He loves to top and bottom and be sure to get a hold of him in the live cam rooms where he will make all of your ultimate pleasures come true.
05/06/2014 Rob Stonebridge Rob Stonebridge is a bisexual jock that loves to have fun. He is chock full of muscles and energy. And he loves to fuck whether you be a fine lady or a hunky guy. He has beautiful dark features and pale alabaster skin. He loves to touch his bulging biceps and ripped pecs. This dirty talker loves to beat his meat then slip a finger deep in his hole. His ass is hungry. And this gay porn model wants a nice thick cock to satiate its appetite. One look at this hot nude man in full hd gay porn action and you will not be able to look away.
04/22/2014 Tyler Wolf Tyler Wolf has what I like to call bedroom eyes. His steel gray eyes have a stare that will make you submit and go straight to his bedroom to fuck. Tyler can be shy at first, but once he warms up to you, he will seduce you with his charm and fuck you senseless. Tyler likes to both top and bottom, and with a big juicy butt and a nice thick cock, he is a master at both. Tyler is no stranger to the hardcore gay porn world, and is ready to expand his horizons here at Randy Blue. He has a beautifully toned muscled body and the perfect amount of hair on his chest. This is the fella you want to fall asleep next to at night. And the one that the fuck the hell out of you in when you wake up the next morning.
04/15/2014 Paolo Maldini Paolo Maldini is half Italian and Half Latin. You can hear the sexiness ooze from his lips when he says his name Paolo with a slight accent. This guy just exudes sex. He is a professional go go dancer and over the years he has learned all the tricks of the trade on how to lure someone in with his moves. He gyrates his hips, shakes his ass and suddenly you are putty in his hands. This man has an amazing body. He has been working out since he was thirteen years old and boy oh boy, has all that hard work paid off. He has a six pack, luscious chest, bulging biceps and a killer bubble butt that is just dying to be eaten. I am sure if he gave you one of his signature lap dances, you would cream your pants instantly. Paolo says he is bisexual. And he loves to be touched, especially by a frisky customer that comes over to shove a 5 dollar bill in his pants when he is dancing. This guy has it all. Killer smile, killer eyes, killer body and of course a great long uncut cock. Watch him put it to use here at Randy Blue.
04/08/2014 Dominic Santos Dominic Santos is half black, half italian and 100 percent hot. This boy has a lean and toned body and one of the biggest dicks you have ever seen at Randy Blue. This limber adonis told us that he had a few tricks up his sleeve. But we did not know just how amazingly talented this guy was. He told us he could suck his own dick. Now a lot of people say they can suck their own dick, but they end up looking very strained as they barely lick the tip of their head. This dude can fucking suck his own dick for real. When he said he would show us, it took him only a few seconds to get hard. He just had to think about having some hot public sex in the gym, and the next thing we knew he was hard as a rock and sucking down on his own shaft. He is a versatile performer and loves to top and bottom. He showed off his bottoming skills by turning over and finger fucking the hell out of himself. Finally he lays on his back, finger fucked his ass and sucked his dick until he came in his mouth. This man will blow you away. Literally. You are about to witness the start of a big gay porn star. I hope you are ready.
03/26/2014 Ethan Sweat With every wink, smirk and smile Ethan Sweat is ready to have fun. He is a newbie to the gay porn game and wants to jump in head first. He has those charming eyes, and a big fat tongue that he loves to stick out. You cannot help but love this guy. He has a nice slim swimmers body covered in ripped muscles. And when he is not joking around, he loves to fuck. He is a straight boy at heart, but is definitely open minded. Because when it comes to sex, a mouth is a mouth. And once you see his hard cock dangling in front of you, you will want to put your own mouth to good use.
03/18/2014 Angel Santiago Holy shit this guy is hot. Like off the charts, hot. Like the sexiest gay porn model of the decade, hot. He has the chiseled cheek bones and tight muscled torso of a runway model, but the innocent smile of the farm boy next door. This guy is named Angel, because he was clearly made in heaven. And when he gets naked, his perfect ass and rock hard uncut dick will steal your breath away. He loves attention, and loves to get into trouble. Let us just say that he is straight with gay porn tendencies. This boy wants to put on a show for you. Get ready to cum hard.
03/11/2014 Brutus Butler It is easy to see how Brutus Butler started out as a club bouncer. He is 6 foot 4, pure muscle and has a face that came straight out of the movie 300. He is one intimidating fellow. As he hovers over you, this bisexual hottie may seem like he can break you like twig. But he really just wants to bend you over and fuck your damn brains out. He has tribal tattoos on his arms and chest, that accentuate his huge muscles. This man is pure and unadulterated beefcake. And when he pulls out his dick, you can watch him turn into hot fucking gay porn model right before your very eyes.
03/04/2014 Max Michaels Max Michaels looks like the guy that would win homecoming king at your school. He has those classic american looks that make him seem downright wholesome. But this guy is anything but. This former straight stud has recently come out as bisexual, and he told us that he has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to fucking some hot naked men. And what better place to explore than in the world of gay porn. This blond adonis has a beautiful chest and big juicy nipples that anyone would kill to suck on. And his cock is smooth, straight, long and thick. And he cant wait to show you how he puts it to use. And you can check him out in action with HD videos and free gay pics here at Randy Blue.
02/25/2014 Adam Hardy Adam Hardy should be named Adam Hearty. Because he is just one hundred percent pure fucking beefcake. He has the body of a super hero. Just take a look at the his huge pecs and round bulging biceps. There is no way you cannot want to let him come fly in and sweep you off your feet. And then there is that dick. His dick is thick and long and meaty. It is the kind of dick that you would want inside of you for days. This stud might be straight at home, but when he arrives at the Randy Blue set, he cannot get enough the cock. And you will not be able to get enough of him. At Randy Blue, we have the hottest straight guys and we have hundreds of free nude pics of men for your jerking off pleasure.
02/18/2014 Shawn Abir You have not seen a gay porn model like Shawn Abir before. He is of Persian descent and has beautiful full lips and a hot dusting of fur all over his toned body. He is a sexy gay man that loves to bottom. When he came to us, he was ready to dive right into making some hot porn videos. Even though he prefers to bottom, he also knows what to do with his fat dick. This hung stud is ready to show you what he has got. At Randy Blue, we have the hottest hung guys and we have hundreds of free nude pics of men for you to peruse.
02/11/2014 Jordan Black Jordan Black came across as a shy guy. But this bisexual hottie, soon started to warm up when he began to describe his sexual experiences. He loves having sex in front of other people. So he thought that porn was the logical next step. We started with him taking his shirt off. By the time he lost his pants, I could already see his bulge in his pants getting his larger. He dipped his hands in his pants and pulled out his long straight pecker. He was rock hard and became really excited to have his dick out for all of us to see. He sat down and began to really give his dick some work. Then he laid back and started to beat it even harder. He lifted his legs up and showed off his hairy hole. He let his finger caress over his sphincter. Then he flipped over on his knees and spread it open wide for us to see. He gave his ass a slap and moaned in pleasure. He stood up and showed how hard that ass play made him. He walked over with his erect cock and sat down near the window. He played with himself at a fever pitch until he nutted a white hot spray of cum all over himself. He gave a little smile to the camera. He loved every minute of it.
02/04/2014 Nick Speedman Nick Speedman is a super sweet and nice guy. You wouldnt even suspect that underneath his clothes lays a thick slab of pure muscle. Nick is straight, but he starting to get a little curious. The most he ever did with a guy was let his male masseur give him a happy ending. And he is so excited that he agreed to finger his hole for the first time and jump into doing some hot gay porn the next day after his solo shoot. This boy is ready. He strips down and shows off his massive pecs and tree trunk thighs. He pulls out his dick and it is so fucking hard. It never goes down. He walks over to sit down in a chair where he lifts up his legs and puts a finger in for the first time. He plunges it in deep and looks into the camera to tell me how amazing it feels. He then walks over to the couch and bends over so that he can finger fuck his hole even deeper. He moans out in pleasure as he feels his finger touch his insides for the first time. This has gotten him so hard that he flips over and starts to beat off even harder. He finally jizzes a geyser of white hot cum for what seems like for days. This boy is ready for it. Welcome to the world of hot gay porn, Nick Speedman.
01/28/2014 Ethan Russo Ethan Russo is pure grade A Italian beef. And once he flashes that killer smile of his, you will be ready to get all up in his marinara. Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, we decided to put him up against a white back drop and just let his chiseled features take center stage. He was very nervous and wanted to to a good job. But as soon as he started to take off his clothes, his inhibitions started to fade and his dick got harder and harder. He pulled it out and sat back in a chair and started to yank it. He then lifted his legs up in the air and started to show off his hot hole. Ethan loves to bottom in his personal life and you can tell here. He slips a finger in and his face shows us how good it feels for him. He stands up and beats off some more. He loves showing off that hot cock for us. Next he got face down on a blanket and started to really give his ass some attention. He finger fucked himself hard and fast. It was too much for him, he flipped over and started jerking faster than ever. He wanted to cum so bad. Finally he unleashed a stream of hot white cum all over his stomach. Ethan, being the dirty little fucker that he is, licked up every last drop. Let us all welcome the Italian Stallion to the world of gay porn.
01/21/2014 Dex Hammer I am going to be honest with you. Most solo models get a little nervous their first time jerking off on cam. They need a moment before they feel comfortable getting naked and hard in front of a director and camera man. This was not the case with Dex Hammer. What you see here is one long continuous take. There was no need to stop, there was no need to do anything but watch this hot hairy muscle bear make a big splash into the world of porn. After talking about how he loves orgies, this exhibitionist started to take off his shirt and show off his muscles. Watch closely and you will see that it only takes about three strokes of his hand over his underwear to make his dick hard as a rock. He pulls it out and begins beating off. He spits on it. He looks into my camera and tells me how hard that just made him. Next he bends over and shows off his gorgeous bubble butt. It is covered in the perfect amount of hair, and his hole is fucking aching to be licked. He moans out as he jerks off and spreads his hole. Finally he gets up on his knees and begins to beat off harder. He wants us to see him cum. He nuts all over the ottoman and covers it in white hot spunk. He looks at the camera and gives a sweet smile. This man may be a hammer, but he is also one sexy sweet teddy bear.
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