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The first thing you notice when you meet Travis Long for the first time is his muscles. He's not a bodybuilder so he doesn't come off big and beautifully bulky the way some of those guys do, but rather he's got a naturally lean frame that he's worked each and every part just perfectly. And at six foot four that's no easy feat. He's like a sculptor, but rather than chipping away at stone or molding a hunk of clay he's used his body as his medium and has crafted a work of art. He loves very manly things such as pro-wrestling, football and hitting the clubs, but he's also got a softer side that shines through in his amazing sense of humor. The thing I remember most about his time here at the Randy Blue studios is how much we laughed. He's always cracking jokes and is so much fun to be around. I couldn't wait to get him naked and start shooting his video and when he dropped his pants I was enthralled with his beautiful hefty cock and gorgeous low hangers. I know some of you guys have a real fetish for nice big nuts and you're going to love Travis.

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Travis Long

Travis Long is six foot four inches of beautiful chiseled muscle and eight and a half inches of thick gorgeous cock.

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