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Unless you have been living on Mars for the last couple of years I know you have seen this guy. Not that he has been everywhere mind you, but Michael Crowe has graced the covers of some of the countries biggest health and fitness magazines. His body is exceptional. He is well built and all man with a charm that is all his and so amazing. I will admit then when I shoot big names like Michael I can sometimes be a bit intimidated. I don't know why that is except for when I first started out the worst model I could have ever possibly worked with was someone who had a following. He was all ego, Michael however is not. He is truly one of the coolest most laid back and nicest guys I could ever have imagined working with. We spent the evening getting to know each other over beer and sushi and he made me laugh and smile several times. This is a guy's guy I can hang out with and I am certain you could as well. But enough gushing over what a cool guy he is and lets get straight to that body. Man, what amazing chest and legs this guy has. Michael is someone who has spent considerable time in front of the camera and he feels extremely comfortable naked around anyone. God knows if I looked like this naked I would sit down to fam...

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Michael had already jacked off for us, and you guys know what usually comes next on my site. I thought it was a long shot but I figured I'd ask, and after thinking it over he fi...

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You might have seen Michael posing in your favorite men's magazine or saw him nude in centerfold spread but chances are this is the first time you have seen him on video. This...

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