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At first sight Ben Olsen brings to mind one word. Adorable. Then other words start popping up. Words like hung, and delicious and lickable ass. Okay, that may be two words but it fits. He is a total exhibitionist and loves to show off his hot body. He is pretty quiet when he jerks off and you can almost imagine him in a college dorm room jerking off under the sheets trying to not wake up his roommate. Then again, maybe he would hope the roommate would wake up and sneak a peek. He works that beautiful big dick of his, making the muscles in his six pack abs tense, and he just looks so sexy. He sports a well trimmed beard but his body is mostly naturally smooth. And when he flips over and shows you his ass he really gives you a full show. Then, when he moves back to his cock he just cannot leave that ass alone and keeps working a finger in while letting the other hand pleasure his rock hard cock. And if you are a fan of cumshots make sure you check this one out. He teases you into thinking the cum has started but the fun really begins about the time you think he is done It is really hot.

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Ben Olsen

Ben Olsen is a total exhibitionist and loves show off his big thick cock just for you.

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