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When a hulking hunk of big hard muscle walks into the gym the only thing you can really do is stop and stare. Well, okay it may not be polite but what else can you do. Beau Warner is the kind of muscular jock you would beg to offer to spot you when you're pumping iron. He loves working out and playing hockey, and he obviously does plenty of both to have the kind of body he has. He keeps his body hair trimmed very short so you can get the full effect of his mountainous pecs. His six pack abs are so well defined you could run your fingers through the ridges. And the way his biceps and triceps flex as he pounds his meat is incredible. This guy is sheer animal lust and if the deep guttural moans he makes while jerking himself off is any indication, his hardcore scenes are gonna be unreal. But he doesn't need anyone else there with him. Besides his incredible physique and wild heat, his thick cock and rock hard glutes are enough to make you shoot your load and then some.

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Beau Warner

Beau Warner flexes his biceps and triceps while pounding his big thick piece of meat. This big hard muscle jock is all about getting off.

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